“Money Heist: Korea” Stars Yoo Ji Tae, Jeon Jong Seo, And Park Hae Soo On The Pressure Of Remaking A Hit Series

In a new meeting and pictorial for Elle magazine, Yoo Ji Tae, Jeon Jong Seo, and Park Hae Soo dished on their profoundly expected new revamp of “Money Heist”! In light of the hit Spanish series “Cash Heist,” “Cash Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” follows an unknown crew of looters who combine efforts for an aggressive, huge scope heist on the made up Unified Korean Mint. 신규사이트

Yoo Ji Tae stars as the Professor, the brains behind the activity, while his ritzy group of burglars incorporates Park Hae Soo (who goes by the name “Berlin”) and Jeon Jong Seo (known as “Tokyo”). Portraying perhaps of the greatest contrast between the first series and the Korean redo, Yoo Ji Tae made sense of, “Two seasons of plot from the first rendition were consolidated into only 12 episodes [for our remake]. There’s no article for the good of piece, and we just convey the key plot focuses as required. There’s a sure joy that comes from the quick moving plot improvement.” 슬롯

Concerning how he arranged for his job, Yoo Ji Tae shared, “In this dense adaptation, I reached the resolution that one way I could rapidly show the Professor’s charms in one go was through his voice. Subsequent to giving it loads of thought, I started fostering the Professor’s voice while going to portrayals or energized discourse for reference.” In the interim, Park Hae Soo admitted that there had been a sure measure of tension that accompanied revamping such a famous show. 안전공원

“Obviously there were concerns and strain because of the way that the first series got such an incredible reaction,” said the entertainer. “However, while perusing the content, I could obviously see the distinctions that were extraordinary to ‘Cash Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area.’ There was a high speed to the story, and the characters conclusively gave the Korean rendition its own solidarity.” 슬롯사이트

Park Hae Soo added, “In spite of the fact that Berlin is a fictitious person, you could see him as a kind of representation for the circumstance between North Korea and South Korea, which makes his story much more pitiful.”
At last, Jeon Jong Seo shared her considerations on the qualities of their new revamp.

“[The drama] works effectively depicting the not so distant future,” she commented. “The North Korea-South Korea circumstance adds a component of strain and tension, and it additionally bears the significance of solidarity. This two-sided circumstance totally tops off the foundation setting of the Mint.”

The entertainer additionally noticed that watchers might be shocked by her adaptation of the Tokyo character, remarking, “I figure watchers will [go into the show] envisioning the unique charms and energy of Tokyo from the first variant. Yet, the Tokyo in our redo is more settled, and she’s somebody who moves forward and attempts to determine what is happening. I attempted to keep a cleaner and all the more unapproachable tone [for our variant of Tokyo]. You can anticipate seeing another side of Jeon Jong Seo.”

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