Lee Bo-Young Talks About ‘Mine’ And Learning From Her Characters

Lee Bo Young has been classified “the sovereign of shows,” which might have something to do with the many Best Actress grants and assignments she procured. Most popular for her parts in My Daughter Seo Young, I Can Hear Your Voice, Mother, Whisper, and God’s Gift – 14 Days, the Korean entertainer currently stars in the show Mine with co-stars Kim Seo-hyung, Lee Hyun-wook, Park Hyuk-Kwon, Ok Ja-yeon and VIXX’s Cha Hak-yeon. 온라인바카라

In Mine, she plays Seo Hee-soo, a previous entertainer wedded to the more youthful child of a rich family. Her personality is the sunniest individual from the combative, cutthroat family, however it’s simple for her to be content. She’s rich, wonderful and in affection with her better half. Hee-soo has never expected to battle for what she needs or needs, yet conditions may before long power her to utilize a few muscles. 안전공원

“Website design enhancement Hee-soo is certainly not a solid, aggressive lady all along,” said Lee. “She used to be a promising lady, who had command over her life, and she becomes more grounded as she faces and manages emergencies. You can perceive how a sort, splendid lady changes as she begins to lose things that once had a place with her.” 슬롯사이트

The title of the show could recommend that it’s a show about getting material belongings and Hee-soo’s significant other’s family is for sure eager. They never have sufficient cash and the glossy things it can purchase. In any case, the title Mine may likewise allude to finding what is exceptionally yours, a valuable identity that nobody can remove. “Mine is about individuals who are attempting to sort out who they truly are and figuring out what truly has a place with them in the wake of having the things they underestimated removed by others,” said Lee.While Hee-soo is a favored person, she seems to be sensible and cordial. 잭팟

“At the point when I previously read the content, it seemed like a fascinating at this point curious fantasy,” said Lee. “The discourse didn’t sound ‘genuine’ or ‘regular’ yet rather like exceptionally unembellished lines of stage plays. I attempted to embrace my own manner of speaking or approach to talking while playing my personality to make Seo Hee-soo look all the more genuine and appealing, especially in light of the fact that she could put on a show of being professing to do the things she does.”

“I will generally integrate my own character into the person I play,” said Lee. “Among the different parts of myself, I foster a perspective that is connected with my personality when I play it. As opposed to making a novel, new thing, as an entertainer, I like to consider my personality to be a part of myself. I’ve gleaned some useful knowledge from the characters I played. Acting has permitted me to step into various lives, and thusly, I’ve figured out how to acknowledge contrasts and become more compassionate. Besides, I’ve figured out how to approach others with deference. I’ve been fostering my viewpoint on life through acting.”

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