Grieving Families Mourn Through Night In Temples After 23 Children Massacred At Thailand Nursery

Grief-stricken families bearing candles and toys have gathered at temples in Thailand to mourn the loss of the 23 children massacred by an ex-police officer in a gun and knife rampage at a nursery. Relatives of the children, aged two to five, were joined by members of their devastated community in paying their respects at three Buddhist temples. 온라인카지노

Nong Bua Lam Phu in the aftermath of what is one of the world’s worst recent child death tolls at the hands of a single killer. They lit candles in front of coffins adorned with floral wreaths and framed photographs of the smiling children murdered in the rampage, while others laid offerings of toys to their spirits outside the nursery where they were killed. 안전놀이터

Several mourners stayed overnight in the tradition of keeping company those who die young. Pensiri Thana, the aunt of one of the children, said: “All the relatives are here to make merit on behalf of those who died … It is our belief that we should be with them so they are not lonely.” A mourning ceremony will continue in the village of Uthai Sawan for three days before the royal-sponsored funerals, which will culminate in the cremation of the bodies according to Buddhist tradition. 신규사이트

On the coffin of the youngest victim – nicknamed Captain, after a famous actor – was a model dinosaur and a bottle of milk. His mother, 40-year-old factory worker Daoreung Jamnongnid, said her only child was energetic and talkative, and already knew the alphabet despite being two months shy of three years old. 메이저사이트

“He was so smart. He liked to watch documentaries with his father,” Ms Jamnongnid said. Police identified the attacker as Panya Khamrap, a 34-year-old former police sergeant in Bangkok who was facing trial on a drugs charge. Police say his autopsy found no evidence of drug use at the time of his death.

The last of his 38 victims were his own wife and child at home, before turning his gun on himself. The children were mostly knifed to death while adults were shot, police said. While Khamrap’s motive may never be known, deputy police chief Surachet Hakpan suggested it was “because of his constant stress … His family, his money and his legal cases. So he acted aggressively”.

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